Posted by: John | February 20, 2012

Boldness for JESUS

Hi Brothers & Sisters,I pray the Lord blesses us with great boldness to share Him, His Love & His Truth with those around us in accordance with His Purpose & Glory.

“In accordance with my earnest expectation and hope, that with all boldness, Christ shall even now, as always, be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.  For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:20-21).

After Peter healed a crippled man in the Name of JESUS, he & John were arrested for preaching in JESUS’ Name.  The guards brought Peter & John before the high priest, rulers, elders & teachers.  Peter & John gave a bold testimony for JESUS saying, “‘Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.’  When they saw the courage of Peter & John & realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished & they took note that these men had been with JESUS” (Acts 4:12-13).

“Having been commanded not to preach in JESUS’ Name, Peter & John were released from prison & they met back up with their fellow believers to report all that had happened.  Then they prayed.  After suffering jail & persecution, they closed out their prayer, “Now, Lord, consider their threats & enable Your servants to speak Your Word with great boldness.  Stretch out Your Hand to heal & perform miraculous signs & wonders through the Name of Your Holy Servant JESUS” (Acts 4:29-30).

It blows me away that Peter & John returned from experiencing persecution & jail time to lead a prayer for God to enable them & the other believers to speak His Word with great boldness.  Wow!  I’ve got a lot to learn from their example!  Instead of praying for their safety & protection, the disciples were praying for greater boldness.  O Lord, bless me with greater faith to have such a powerful perspective 

How do we get this boldness that we see in Peter, John, Paul & the great men & women of faith—that honors & glorifies our LORD JESUS?

1) Surrender your heart to JESUS & make him your Supreme Audience.

2) Ask for the Lord to bless you with His zeal & boldness by the power of the Holy Spirit.    

3)Pray at the beginning of each day for the Lord to provide you with opportunities to speak highly for JESUS.*

*I encourage you to pray each morning for the next week for the Lord to provide opportunities to speak highly for JESUS.  Let me know what God does.  He loves to answer these prayers to lift up His Son! 

Sovereign Lord,

You are Awesome in Wonder & Power!  All Glory, Power, & Honor are Yours!  What an incredible privilege it is to come into Your Presence to worship You, O King of Kings!  Search my heart, convict me of unrighteousness & forgive me of my sins.  Forgive me for the many times that I’ve been a coward.  Empower me & my brothers & sisters with great boldness by the Holy Spirit to point the people around us to You as the only Savior.   Bless each of us with special opportunities to speak highly about JESUS.  Give us the right words with the right timing.  Draw people to surrender their lives to JESUS for the Glory of Your Name.  O Lord, help us for Your Name’s Sake.  Bless Your Holy Name!  It’s in JESUS’ Mighty & Most Holy Name that I pray.  Amen.

In His Love,


JESUS is 1st!  To Him be All Glory!


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